Theirs no love like guinea pig love

Guinea pigs I've had over the years ..all gone now 

Some of the piggies that have touched my heart and mind

ginger Spice  as a teenager ...lovely girl 

Here She Is With A Few mates .....Garden never stood a chance!!! Everythings eaten up tp piggie height..


In the shed with the rest of  the girls. This was when we had first put this Shed up .couldnt wait to try it out. all my sows together

The piggie that Started my love affair with guinea pigs  My brown and thumper the rabbit . watched closely by Spencer  MY GSD

Teddy My First Long haired piggy.. I was smitten after this . This boy was so laid back he was horizontal , I adored him ,broke my heart when he passed away 

Domino . He was a horror with everyone else and bit everyone BUT NOT ME I could do anything with him . If I was on the floor when he was out he's run up and climb up me . 

He was lovely 

A Collage I made with just a few of my piggies