Theirs no love like guinea pig love

 This little chap grew up to be a little horror. into just about everything. and was loved enormously for it. so naughty and inquisitive it was a delight watching him get up; to his antics .. I remember we nearly threw him out with the rubbish as one day he got into the sack as i put it on the floor it was only noticing it move made me aware of something wrong and just Noticed movement before the sack went  IN THE BIN!!



ABOUT A YEAR OLD HERE such a confident pigge & So Naughty he he



One of the piggie sheds.  I use for storing their stuff in winter 

The main shed for late spring summer use for the piggies , I start acilmatizing them gradually till their outdoors all the time 

A guinea pig/Rabbit shed I got of a lady on freegle , Brilliant isn't it , Now gone to a neibour who has guinea pigs as well as me!!

use of an old paddling pool makes a great way of stopping baby piggies from escaping,  and it keeps the wind off them as well

Baby piggy nursery. This was TJ AND HER BABIES Maxine, Frankie and the white one we rehomed to a freind