Theirs no love like guinea pig love

IDEAS  FOR MAKING A RUN,,Start with an old double bed . you want the bases that come in two parts without the drawers

take off all the material and staples , till you get this . if you want a higher run,  do both bases as they are in two pieces and fix one on top of the other.



MY Very First Guinea Pig, MR Brown And Thumper The Rabbit..Looked Over By Spencer My German Shepherd Dog. He adored them.  I got these from a neighbor she bought the Rabbit and piggie from pets at home

My blog 26TH FEBRUARY 2010

My Love affair with Guinea Pigs Started a few years ago when a neighbor asked if I wanted a guinea pig and rabbit,

They had got got their child  a rabbit and  A piggie,  And as children do, he had got fed up with them so I took them in. Thank you Jacky I would never have known what lovely animals they were 

The Rabbit was a lop,  and a boy (BUCK) he was missing being with a girl Rabbit (DOE) so was bad tempered. So I re-homed Him

The piggie (called Mr Brown) Once the rabbit had gone was lonely, So I  got  another to go with him and it was a she (sow). her name was MB

I made many mistakes then, placing what would have been a 8 week old sow with a boar,  her wouldn't have left her alone . poor little love use to cower in he hutch. she wouldn't come out.

Once I realized,  I changed how things were.

A lot of things about looking after and caring for the welfare of guinea pigs is made by trial and error. 

I just want to make folk aware of my mistakes so you don't make them.

I'm ashamed of the mistakes I made because it caused suffering albeit for a short time to a lovely little girl. MB.


She gave birth to 4 babies TJ ,Frankie  and two that a neighbor (David) took .

and I re homed Mr Brown as I didn't want any more and didnt have enough cages .